The Legacy Series

Our Legacy Series is based on sourcing individual well-aged whiskey components from various origins and using cross-category blending to reconstruct a traditional mash bill rather than blending the grains before fermentation. This allows us to select from a wider portfolio of international whiskeys and ensure that each whiskey is at the exact right age and flavor profile to perfectly harmonize within this extraordinary blend.

Legacy Batch 002: “The Alchemist” builds on Batch 001’s award-winning approach, this time with 3 whiskeys – each over 10 years old – from 3 different countries, and the added element of an inspired triple-barrel finish for the rye. All reconstructed into a 114.3 proof high-rye mash bill, the result is pure gold. Don’t miss out on the limited early release before it’s gone.

"Whiskey JYPSI Legacy continues to push the boundaries and accepted conceptions of what American whiskey and, indeed, world whiskey can be."

F. Paul Pacult, author, The New Kindred Spirits

"I highly recommend especially for the discerning palate!"

The Whiskey Network

"Whiskey JYPSI is one hell of a pour."

Bourbon & Banter

"Eric Church delivers perhaps the best celebrity spirit on the market with Whiskey JYPSI"

Whiskey Raiders

"I would put this up against any whiskey I’ve had this year."

Fred Minnick

"This might be the first time we’ve ever given three thumbs up on a celebrity whiskey."

Bourbon Pursuit

"This is well worth having on your shelf, an excellent blend masterfully crafted that is a joy to drink."

Spirits Review Online

"This is a lush pour of whiskey."


Legacy Batch 002: "The Alchemist"

Learn about the team’s approach to our limited early release – the second in our Legacy Series – this time with an international footprint.

An Inspired Blend of 3 International Whiskeys

Dive into the details and intricate process behind the limited early release of Legacy Batch 002: "The Alchemist."

Legacy Series

A New Approach to Blending Whiskey

Learn about the unconventional approach of reconstructing traditional mash bills that's the foundation of our award-winning Legacy Series.

The Legacy Series



Batch 001

The Journey

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Batch 002

The Alchemist




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