Whiskeys that personify the JYPSI Spirit

Learn more about the creativity and intention behind our team's approach to everything we do at Whiskey JYPSI - from our award-winning Legacy Series to our all-new Explorer Series.

The Legacy Series

Our Legacy Series is based on sourcing individual well-aged whiskey components from various origins and using cross-category blending to reconstruct a traditional mash bill rather than blending the grains before fermentation. This allows us to select from a wider portfolio of international whiskeys and ensure that each whiskey is at the exact right age and flavor profile to perfectly harmonize within this extraordinary blend.

The Explorer Series

Our all-new Explorer Series is based on the harmony of unparalleled six-year aged whiskeys and unique finishing woods from around the globe. Perfectly paired to showcase the impact of the woods on the whiskey — from premium versions of common woods to the exotic — and beautifully marries our passion for whiskey with our spirit of exploration.

"Wow. Lovely multidimensional and extended finish. Black plum, vanilla bean, cake frosting, graham cracker, and marzipan flavors are bedazzling. Lip-smacking, and plenty of grip in the long finish... Again, WOW."

F. Paul Pacult, author, The New Kindred Spirits

Meet the Maker

Ari Sussman is the former head of Spirits Development at the Artisan Distilling Program at Michigan State University, and the award-winning whiskey maker behind our Legacy and Explorer Series.


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