Tradition Reimagined

A ground breaking blend of fine whiskeys


Story of innovation

Categorizing whiskeys by “mash bill” has become a short-hand way of indicating the style and character of the finished liquid inside the bottle. Whiskey JYPSI’s Legacy took that shorthand and replaced the weight of each grain in the recipe with the percentage of individual fine-aged spirits in our blends. A deconstructed mash bill, if you will, using some of the finest spirits available anywhere as the components of our whiskey. Regardless of geography, boundaries or borders.

Instead of blending the grains before fermentation, Whiskey JYPSI lived up to its name – sourcing individual aged whiskey components from various origins, and ultimately blending them to recreate our version of the mash bill.

We began by selecting only the highest quality, fully aged mature spirits that beautifully expressed the individual primary grains in that mash bill. Truly, each component in the blend would be an outstanding product by itself. Then we developed multiple prototypes, using combinations of these fine spirits of various ages and cooperage as our inputs. Blending three distinct spirits, each at different stages of development, created unexpectedly rich layers of aroma and flavor – and deep wood character – not generally found in spirits.

After more than two years of development, experimentation and tasting exercises with experienced whiskey tasters, reviewers and advisors, the company’s first product was born.


Double Gold

Legacy Batch 001: The Journey, won Double Gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


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