The Explorer Series

Our all-new Explorer Series is based on the harmony of unparalleled six-year aged whiskeys and unique finishing woods from around the globe. Perfectly paired to showcase the impact of the woods on the whiskey — from premium versions of common woods to the exotic — and beautifully marries our passion for whiskey with our spirit of exploration.

The inaugural Explorer release starts with a blend of two six-year-old bourbons — a low rye distilled in Kentucky and selected for its sweetness and an Indiana high rye chosen for its spice. The combined mash bill of 66% corn, 30% rye and 4% malted barley is then slowly reduced to 103 proof and finished using two oak varietals — French Oak from France’s famed Forest of Tronçais and American Oak from the Appalachian Mountains. Each of these woods was chosen for its ability to accentuate the sweetness and spice of the blend.

"Each sip leaves you wanting another and will quickly become a favorite."

The Whiskey Network

"Whiskey JYPSI Explorer takes wood finished whiskey to the next level."

Hood Sommelier

"I’d hands down give it the FULL MONTY of 5 stars."

F. Paul Pacult, author, The New Kindred Spirits

"As someone who is fortunate to try dozens of new whiskeys per month, it's rare that something truly stands out - and that is exactly what Whiskey JYPSI Explorer has done."

The Whiskey Ring

"With Explorer, Whiskey JYPSI offers one of the most complex wood-finished bourbons on the market."

Female Whiskey Society

Inaugural Explorer Release

Learn about the intentional selections behind our use of French and American oak woods used to finish our first release and how the JYPSI Spirit is part of everything we do.

An Exploration of Whiskey & Wood

Finished In

French Oak

from the Forest of Tronçais

The French Oak staves used in the inaugural Explorer release come from the Forest of Tronçais and were selected because of their accentuated notes of spice and leather. The oak trees from this forest have been used to make barrels for centuries and have housed some of the finest Bordeaux wines ever made. The Forest of Tronçais was originally overseen by the Duke of Bourbon and was later planted with oak trees by Louis XIV to supply timber for the French navy. The Tronçais region was also home to early European troubadours whose musical traditions of merging melodies and poetry ultimately migrated to the Appalachian Mountains - which became the heart of America’s singer-songwriter tradition. 

Finished In

American Oak

from the Appalachian Mountains

The American Oak staves used in the first Explorer release come from the same Appalachian Mountains that were home to the roots of country music, where cooler conditions lead to slower growth and a tighter grain. This results in a specific mix of sweetness, richness, depth, and viscosity that pair perfectly with the spice of the French Oak as a key finishing component. Explorer’s Appalachian Oak was also harvested near where Whiskey JYPSI’s co-founder Eric Church grew up in North Carolina.

Explorer Series

It's All About the Wood

Uncover the story behind crafting our all-new Explorer Series

The Explorer Series



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