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Whiskey Jypsi: A Ground Breaking Blend of Fine Whiskeys


With a slogan of “Tradition Reimagined,” Whiskey JYPSI leans forward through thoughtful innovation and a reconstruction of traditional practices… but with a contemporary twist… Creating unique whiskeys of stunning character, individuality, and pedigree. Its more than Tradition Reimagined. It is the Whiskey JYPSI way… and that way is intrepid.

– F. Paul Pacult

Judging Chairman & Co-Founder, Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Whiskey JYPSI is one hell of a pour. It stands out from the sea of sourced bourbons flooding the market…This whiskey right here reaffirms my belief that blending is the next frontier in American whiskey.


Wow…My first thought is how it coats the palate…Damn. It’s one massive clearcoat of whiskey on my tongue. This is a 93-94 point whiskey for me. I would put this up against anything I have tasted this year.



This might be the first time we have ever given three thumbs up on a celebrity-backed whiskey. Really well done… This one kinda breaks the mold.


The whisky world is known for honoring tradition. But [Whiskey JYPSI]…is taking a different approach and turning the old rules upside down…Whiskey JYPSI aims to carve out its own space in the whisky scene, blending bourbon, American single malt, and Canadian rye.


Legacy Batch 001: The Journey was recently awarded 91 Points – Excellent, Highly Recommended at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2023.


Eric Church delivers perhaps the best celebrity spirit on the market with Whiskey JYPSI. Wow…Impressive stuff! The finish is perhaps the best part of this whiskey. This really brings it all together…I love that on the surface, you have no idea this is a celeb whiskey. In the glass…you’d never know it, either. It’s a wild blend, but it works, and it works well.


Batch 001

The Journey

Whiskey JYPSI’s Legacy Batch 001 is based on a traditional bourbon mash bill. But instead of blending the grains before fermentation, Whiskey JYPSI lives up to its name – sourcing individual well-aged whiskey components from various origins and using cross-category blending to reconstruct a traditional mash bill. This allowed us to select from a wider portfolio of international whiskeys, and to ensure that each whiskey is at the exact right age and flavor profile to perfectly harmonize within this particular blend. Legacy Batch 001 is the first of a series of exclusive, limited releases featuring rare and complex blends of international whiskeys. And each batch of our Legacy Series will be unique in its sourcing, blending and finishing approach. So when our Batch 001: The Journey is sold out, it cannot be replicated.

2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Double Gold

Legacy Batch 001: The Journey, was recently awarded a Double Gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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