Batch 001

The Journey

Legacy Batch 001 was named “The Journey” because literally and figuratively it has been one. And the result is a whiskey unlike any other. Smooth, complex and unconventional. A remarkably crafted blend of three fine aged whiskeys.

70% Indiana bourbon made from 99% corn and 1% malted barley. Distilled in Indiana. and aged 7 and 8 years for a smooth corn character, this bourbon component retains its rich and sweet corn character, with structure and depth from the cask.

21% Canadian rye made from 91% rye and 9% malted barley. Distilled in Alberta, Canada, and aged 20 years, this is a highly esterified and perfumed rye whiskey with pronounced butterscotch, spice and finesse that comes from spending the last two decades in barrels.

The last 9% of this remarkable blend is 100% malted barley from Indiana. Aged four years, this malt-forward American Single Malt has a beautiful balance of rich, nutty malt character — and strong vanilla, smoke and caramel notes borrowed from its new American oak casks.

And we called it Whiskey JYPSI to celebrate those who think differently, reinvent the rules, and seek greater adventure and purpose in life. Those who live life with a “JYPSI Spirit.” Like the remarkable team who’ve given birth to this remarkable liquid.


This whiskey… possesses many of the fully integrated attributes that call to mind thoughts such as “benchmark” and “classical elegance.”

– F. Paul Pacult
Judging Chairman & Co-Founder, Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Legacy Batch 001: "The Journey"

The Components

Learn about the unconventional process and ingredients in our award-winning Legacy Batch 001: "The Journey."


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