The Best American Whiskeys Of 2023, Ranked – UPROXX

December 13, 2023
uproxx name with glass of whiskey and topper

Whiskey JYPSI features in UPROXX’s ranked list of the best American whiskeys of 2023.

“Nose: There’s a hint of old dried roses on the nose that leads to caramel-crusted doughnuts dusted with cinnamon next to a whisper of dried cranberry and turkey roasting herbs.

Palate: The cranberry leans toward dried cherry dipped in chocolate with a dash of woody baking spices over honey-dipped kindling with a dash of fresh pipe tobacco.

Finish: That pipe tobacco takes in the tart red cherries and woody spice as a lush vanilla base with rich caramel and soft nuttiness slowly warms your palate with sharp winter spice barks and burnt orange.”

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