Drinkhacker Review: Whiskey Jypsi Legacy Batch 001

July 14, 2023
Drinkhacker logo with bottle top from Whiskey Jypsi bourbon bottle

Drew Beard of Drinkhacker reviews Legacy Batch 001.

“For starters, there’s a lot going on with this nose. It begins a bit yeasty with sweet sourdough and buttery cobbler crust before building with a caramelized intensity, rich and deep notes of Demerara syrup, stewed cinnamon apples, and toffee. As it opens, things coalesce into warm apple pie. The palate is even more expressive and bold with substantial layers of oak, leather, fruit, and dark sweets. Peppery top notes of woodshop, cigar box, and old furniture give way to richer, sweeter notes of orange marmalade, banana chips, and honeycomb across the palate, but it never relinquishes its burly, wood-driven structure.”

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