Whiskey JYPSI Shines at 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

July 10, 2023
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023 double gold

Outsider Spirits’ First Whiskey – Legacy Batch 001: “The Journey,” Wins Double Gold Before Public Release



Nashville, TN – April 30, 2023: Outsiders Spirits co-founders Eric Church and Raj
Alva announced today that the company’s first product release – Whiskey JYPSI Legacy Batch
001: “The Journey” – has won a Double Gold award at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits
Competition – even before the product is available for sale to the public.

Whiskey JYPSI is the inaugural product line from the newly formed whiskey company, Outsiders
Spirits, co-founded by country music star Eric Church and entrepreneur Raj Alva in 2021. Their
Legacy release, formulated by award-winning whiskey maker Ari Sussman after two years of
research and development, is a “deconstructed mash bill” that uses three ultra-premium,
individual aged mature spirits from various origins for the blend. 70% Indiana bourbon, aged
between 7 and 8 years. 21% Canadian rye aged 20 years. And 9% malted barley from Indiana,
aged 9 years.

The result, says Sussman, is a “smooth, complex and unconventional whiskey with
unexpectedly rich layers of aroma and flavor and deep wood character not generally found in

Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest and largest
competition of its kind. According to the competition’s website, 2023 was a record-breaking
year with more than 5,500 entries from all over the world. The judging event was held at San
Francisco’s Hotel Nikko from April 13th through April 15 th , with each entry evaluated in blind
tastings by an experienced judging panel. Only entries that receive a Gold medal from all judges
on the tasting panel earn a Double Gold award.


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